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We all love the ocean and we all have a mysterious longing for the ocean. Learning to play with the power of the ocean is one of the most stimulating experiences you could ever have. Surfing is the experience of Mother Nature. Human body is made up of 70% water and there you have the reason why we have an inexplicable affinity towards water. We know this might not make sense to a lot out there, but this makes perfect sense to the crazy bunch of us who thrive on passion for surfing and have made it a part of our existence.

With a full range of long boards or foam boards and our surf instructor by your side the waves are waiting for you to come over and play. Experience the joy of learning to connect with power of the waves. We offer private or shared lessons however the allowable maximum student instructor ratio is 3:1 respectively.  Also make sure that you are a confident and capable swimmer.

If you are in Goa for a short stay but you are enthusiastic about surfing lessons, then this is the package for you. Our instructor will guide you through the easiest and safest way to get up on the face and reeling down the line by our centre. This lesson will last about an hour and a half and take you through the basics of popping up, paddling, and looking for waves. We suggest you bring sunscreen and water to drink.

Starting from
₹ 1,799
1 Hour 30 Minutes
Departure schedule
On request


Basic lessons on surfing (Popping up, Paddling)
Surf board