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Hot Air Baloon

Ever wondered how it feels to be suspended in a basket under magical hot air balloon and imbibe the surrealness of beaches basking in the golden hues of rising sun. It is nothing but a feeling of pure unadulterated magic that will take you back to your favourite bed time stories.

You feel so immersed in the beauty of Mother Nature that you feel one with the universe. Morning flight is scheduled at 6:00 am and evening flight at 4:00 pm for the months of October to February. From the month of March to June, The morning flight is scheduled at 05:30 am and evening flight at 04:30 pm.

We use the Cameroon Balloons, the internationally acclaimed manufacturer of hot air balloons. The duration of flight varies from 40 minutes to 1 hour and we have DGCA certified and experienced pilots. We assure you international standards of safety and security with great insurance partnerships So now enough said, let’s go ahead and take that leap of faith and step into that tiny basket and take it all in.

Starting from
₹ 11,999
1 Hour
Departure schedule
27 Feb 2021, 28 Feb 2021, 01 Mar 2021, and more


Approved and licensed by DGCA
 The unique experience of free flight will last up to 40 minutes to 1 hour
 DGCA certified and well experienced pilots
 International standards of safety and security
 Insurance partnerships with international standards of safety and standards
 Morning and evening flights from mesmerizing launch sites
 Commemorative flight certificate signed by the pilot
 Cameroon Balloons ( World’s most popular and experienced largest manufacturer of hot air balloons)