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Adventure Island Cruise

This is the best cruise package in Goa because we got everything covered for you to enjoy the perfect
kind of adventure vacation in Goa. Goa is definitely one of the best places in India to make your
monsoon destination. Goa has a whole new charm during the monsoons and there is no better way to
enjoy it than cruising along Mandovi River. We provide two hours of cruising in this package and the
most fun part is that we have the perfect boating music to keep you grooving. Explore the island on our
kayaks when we take a halt at the adventure island. You can also try your hands on fishing and crab

We do provide beer on the boat but we also allow you to carry alcohol with you as long as you pay the
corkage charges. We want to make sure that we take care of everything while you get busy having fun.
Bird watching is yet another fun thing to do to soak up green lush tropical vibes of Goa. This cruising
the package is designed for all those who want to take a refreshing break from stressful work-life.

This monsoon, we want you to pamper yourself with the gentle wind, petrichor and raindrops. So get
set to unwind with our adventure island cruise. Please make sure that you book your slots in advance
since we have very few seats.

Starting from
₹ 3,000
3 Hours
Departure schedule
On request


2 hour cruising
 Island Exploration
 Crab Catching
 Bird Watching
 Soft drinks
 Music and party on cruise